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Cardinal Street are back in the studio recording their third full length release,

"Stardust Touch".  A 10 track album of new material that channels their 80s

synth-pop influences combined with big guitars, catchy hooks & timely lyrics. 

Leading off the album is the now-released single "Sweet (Miami '84).



Their self-titled debut EP
had songs land at #1 & #2 on the

UK Unsigned Chart (I Don't Have Time & Hey, Yeah!!)


Cardinal Street expanded their range with
the 2017 release, "Ride On".
It combined Brit-Pop influences with elements of country and hard rock.

On the strength of these two releases
Cardinal Street have been active on the festival circuit


Live performances from Cardinal Street feature an energetic presentation of their original material combined with Classic Rock & current Top 40 covers for those not yet familiar with their music

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